A million thanks for all of your team's hard work and help in our home purchase! We appreciate everyone working under such tight time frames to help us purchase and move into our "dream home." You guys are fantastic!

Warm Regards,
The Mosher Family

This letter describes my relationship and experiences with Ms. Pei Lin Huang of the Pei Lin Team with Keller Williams Realty Syracuse, Syracuse, NY. It is a great pleasure to write this letter as I have only the highest regards and recommendations for Pei Lin. I have worked with Pei Lin on several research projects for the National Science Foundation involving real estate matters in the Syracuse area while I was a professor at Syracuse University. Several of those research efforts have resulted in national and international publications. I was also very impressed with Pei Lin’s work, knowledge and professionalism that I asked her to sell our house in Manlius when relocating to Little Rock, AR. I have known Pei Lin for about 12 years or longer. Thus it is appropriate for me to write this letter.

I have observed Pei Lin work as a real estate agent and I have experienced her knowledge and expertise first hand. Moreover, she also works effectively in groups and gives excellent presentations. She is especially gifted explaining rather complicated real estate settings and conditions. She can articulate difficult material well, and can handle clients well, even in difficult and complex situations. Her professional network of connections in all matters pertaining to real estate is enormous.

From these experiences I gladly state that Ms. Pei Lin Huang is a most competent individual, an accomplished professional real estate agent, a conscientious, honest, trusted, committed and thorough worker, a great colleague and team player and she executes the things she promises with precision and promptness.

She is a most likable person and has a personality that makes it a pleasure to work with her. In summary, Pei Lin Huang is one of these unique individuals who would make a great colleague in any organization.

Although it is difficult to provide a total picture of an individual, the above attributes indicate Pei Lin’s qualifications. I do not hesitate to recommend her highly and without any reservations.

 Rolf Wigand

We had a wonderful experience with selling our home with the Pei Lin team.  It was our first time selling a house and we did not know the process.  Pei Lin was very patient with us and helped guide us to make the best decisions to help sell our house.  The team was always prompt in answering any questions or concerns that we expressed.  We felt that their ability to reach potential homebuyers greatly contributed to selling our home fast and for a good price.  The best advice she gave was to hire Sell in Style to stage our home.  Our home looked amazing with just a little bit of paint and moving around the items that we already had.   We highly recommend the Pei Lin team to help sell your home.   

 Tracy & P. Emmett Hurley

Dear Pei Lin:

Thank you for your guidance during the stressful period of home-seeking and purchasing. You were most pleasant to work with and I would be delighted to recommend you and the Pei Lin Team as agents for other home-purchasers if anyone ever asks my opinion.

I commend you for not only being knowledgeable about Real Estate matters but also for being straight forward and speaking honestly about practical matters such as the historical use of lead-based paints within homes typically over 35-40 years old. I always appreciate when people can address my concerns without dancing around political-correctness and by speaking more “down-home honest” about matters of concerns.

I especially appreciate your understanding about my seeking and finding an attorney of my own choosing who is entirely unaffiliated with Pei Lin Group or Keller Williams Realty. You dealt with my concerns and my insecurities as a potential home-buyer with aplomb, understanding, and sensitivity to me personally. I cannot stress how reassuring you have been during my experience.

I currently feel that because of you I am on a delightful path for my daughter and me to experience our new home as a sanctuary of peace. We always strive to achieve this for ourselves within our home and within our community.

I don’t know where it is that you call home for you, presumably within the Syracuse area. As I become your neighbor in Syracuse I hope to support revitalizing urban development throughout the Syracuse area to overcome the blight and decay in certain regions I had passed during travels last week. If you find a need for political support towards revitalized urban development it would behoove both of us to join together in such efforts. Kindly keep me advised. My email address can be used for this purpose.

I would like to commend Bob Avery for several things. He was one of my first contacts to anyone in Syracuse Real Estate concerning home seeking inquiries. He assisted professionally in continuing to provide current and updated listings (no one else in the RE Business had done so). He coordinated with me as if I were his only client (and I’m certain he had many others who are demanding and often difficult). My scheduled meetings with him were timely. His patience was exemplary. His comments, although guarded for legal reasons concerning improper steering of any potential clients, were factual and straightforward. I felt strongly he was always being honest with me and never experienced any pressure or indication I should move towards or away from any property of interest. I applaud his professionalism. I appreciate the personalizing his attention to my needs and interests.

Your Finance associate, Ann Coyne, was also truly delightful. I found working with her smooth, seamless, and efficient. We were able to discuss personal vignettes which provided me with illumination about the area, the Real Estate markets in general, and the potential finance alternative. She was responsive and attentive. You should be aware that you have a most valued and solid association by using her skills and her organization within your activities.

I cannot express thanks to your Pei Lin Team properly without including your “first-face” of Keller Williams and the Pei Lin Team: your front-desk professional whom I only know by the name “Becky.” Many persons may pass over their attention from the dedication she makes in supporting the Pei Lin Team activities. Becky is warm and personal. She is very inviting, she is informed, she is knowledgeable about much of the Real Estate matters as far as current activities and she stays on top of these activities in order to be of greater assistance to both Pei Lin Group and to your clients such as myself.

While awaiting meetings with you and others, Becky and I have quickly and easily developed a rapport which I deeply appreciated. I quickly became confident that she is a key support member which you should not overlook. She may not have the Real Estate licenses required for other positions but she had the savoir fair, the office efficiency, the talents, and the personality which should never be overlooked by Pei Lin Team and Keller Williams. Every member of your organization should deeply appreciate, not only at Christmas bonus times but throughout the year at various random times. Becky is part of the structural backbone which makes one organization just a little bit better just because she is there working with you. I felt personally sad when I knew I had finished my last paperwork, I had met the last of your other group members, and that I would no longer have the brief encounters which involved seeing Becky working efficiently again.

I would be pleased if you made Becky aware of my appreciation of her efforts during my Real Estate experience last week.

I look forward to continued good relations. I know I am relatively a “small” client but you have succeeded in making my small concerns feel like significant ones to the Pei Lin Team activities. I applaud you all for your efforts and kindness you have extended.

Alain and Ki Arnould
Soon to be home-owner neighbors in Syracuse

So we've enjoyed our new house close to a year now. Ying and I wholeheartedly enjoy this house, and we really appreciate your help in this process.

You are welcome to visit my house (incredibly I get it all filled in) when you are free. You can bring Deb Parker and/or your mom along as well. We have a very cute yard, and it’s amazing to spend time there in the summer.

Keep in touch,
Y. Ma

Pei Lin is a wonderful real estate agent with specialized knowledge of the market surrounding Syracuse University. When I was looking for a home within walking distance of SU, she found one for me and was a great negotiator on price. Several years later when I sold the home, I knew that Pei Lin would be a great choice. She sold the house quickly and at a profit. I would give her a strong recommendation.   

 K. Stapleton

Two buyers found in a week and seamless closure with top notch professionalism every step of the way. Having moved numerous times on active duty and owned four homes I've never had a better experience, especially considering that the Pei Lin Team handled everything while I was out of state!   

 Jon Bott

Hi Pei Lin,

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the sale of our house on Crystalwood. Thanks to you and your team, the closing was successfully completed today and we don't have to shovel that driveway or pay duplicate utility and tax bills anymore! As we told Kelly, we hope to have a BBQ/Pool party this summer for all those who helped in the selling and purchasing of our home and we sincerely hope you and your team will attend. You can count on us to recommend your realty services to anyone we know might be looking to buy or sell a home. Once again:


Andrew & Laura

Our business relationship and real estate history with Pei Lin is a long one: she has successfully sold 4 houses for us, purchased one from her, and looking to purchase a second one soon. Pei Lin is highly skilled in taking care of her client’s needs when they are looking to sell their home quickly and at the right price. An example of this reflects on a current real estate transaction we are in with Pei Lin. We listened to all of her suggestions about preparing our home to sell, and she showed us how to interpret our house inspection report. Without this information we would not have known what we needed to repair and replace, to improve our chances for a speedy sale. Her suggestions for cosmetic change also helped us prepare our house for a quick sale. Our home sold to one of the first lookers. In a very few hours our home moved from ’for sale’ to ’offer pending.’ Clients of Pei Lin’s also get to ’tap into her expertise’ when purchasing the right home for the right price. Our experience has been that Pei Lin works until she knows exactly what we are looking for and need in a home, and doesn’t stop working until that goal is met. The best way we can describe Pei Lin is ’an experienced realtor with a razor-sharp perception of her client’s needs, and has a gift for fostering relationships.’

One way Pei Lin accomplishes this is that she is up-to-date on all the current trends of real estate. Pei Lin maintains close relationships and offers tips and ideas to all her clients through a monthly newsletter. Every month clients can expect to continue to ’tap into her expertise’ on issues such as energy efficiency, summer lawn care tips, and even delicious holiday recipes. I especially learned a lot about good lawn care from Pei Lin. Tips on ’leaching’ (which I knew nothing about) taught me what leaching was, and the application to follow to regain nutrients that are lost during the summer months. All in all, I am happy I found Pei Lin. I have someone I can depend on for all my real estate needs; someone who keeps me up on homeowner trends, and a friend that I can depend on.

T. Minichillo

Dear Pei Lin,
I tried to call you today to offer my thanks for services above and beyond....
Both of us very much appreciate all the work you've done, and your friendship is important to us as well.

S. Greenblatt and G. Forbes

The Pei Lin Team.... The Dream Team

Selling a home can be a very emotional and overwhelming... however Pei Lin immediately put us at ease. We found her to be very professional, efficient, energetic, and caring.

Pei Lin has a great marketing theory... getting information... which included a website, wonderful photos of every room in our home... as well as a home movie to many NYS realtors...and anyone checking the website. Needless to say, only 11 days after the Keller Williams For Sale sign went up in front of our house, we were presented with an offer. Everyone on the Pei Lin Team was a joy to work with. Actually the Pei Lin team made our dream come true.... which was to sell our home as soon as possible. We have recommended Pei Lin and her team to several of our friends and relatives!!

Patty and John Olgeaty

We would like to thank Pei Lin and her team for the exceptional service they provided us with the recent selling of our home. Every call or email to Pei Lin was returned with an answer within a day, but often within the hour. Innovative marketing ideas helped to get our home the exposure it needed to sell quickly and for a higher price than we expected. Not only was our home listed many places on the web, the virtual video tour provided a visual reminder for those looking at homes. The brochures for potential buyers were complete with the advised pre-list inspection(excellent idea). Pictures throughout the house were printed on the brochure for the potential buyer to remember your house long after they leave. Negotiating the deal, Pei Lin had some great ideas for closing the deal. We followed the advice of the Pei Lin team and staged our home. I truly believe all of this made a difference. We sold our home quickly, no contingencies and for a great price. This is the person you want on your side, when it comes to selling your house.   

Carol and Ron Pearson

Pei Lin and her dedicated team made selling our property seem effortless. Our house had been on the market with another realtor for several months with no results. We contacted Pei Lin knowing she was an enterprising realtor with an impeccable reputation for hard work, honesty and integrity within the local real estate sales community.

Pei Lin immediately recommended a few things we should do prior to listing the house with her that would possibly facilitate the sale and/or lessen the chance for ’deal breaking’ issues to arise after a purchase offer had been accepted. For example, she strongly urged us to acquire our own home inspection, something we had asked our prior realtor about but it was dismissed as not necessary. She suggested we do this so we would have our own independent assessment of the condition of our house and thus be aware upfront of any potential repair issues that may be discovered by the lending institutions home inspection. This would allow us to take corrective action on any repair item discovered and significantly raise the chance of a successful closing.

Although perhaps not typical for every real estate transaction she is involved with, in our case, Pei Lin obtained a purchase offer within the first week of listing our house. The Pei Lin team continued marketing the house very aggressively during the period from Purchase Offer to final closing, nothing was assumed and the hard work continued as if a Purchase Offer had not been accepted. High quality photographs were taken and assembled in both distinctive hard copy marketing material and on her elegant website.

Pei Lin and her hard working team followed and assisted on the myriad of issues that must be addressed when selling a property. We truly enjoyed working with Pei Lin and she would be the only contact we would make if we ever need the services of a realtor in the future.

R & M Colson

Pei Lin helped Mike buy our Syracuse home in June 2000, so when we were ready to sell in 2006, we knew we wanted to work with her. Pei Lin builds relationships with her clients and works tirelessly. When she recommended that we stage our home to increase the asking price, we trusted her judgment, with excellent results. Our home received two offers after only one day on the market, and sold at the full asking price of $145,000! We can’t recommend Pei Lin and her team highly enough.   

Mike and Tina Gaddis, Round Rock, Texas

Performance is always judged by the outcome - "Good Job" to everyone on Pei Lin's Team! I wish I had a couple more houses for you to sell - you would surely be my choice again. Thanks.   

M. McKenney

Pei Lin helped me buy my house and she helped me sell it. To put it mildly, buying and selling a home can be a trying experience. Pei Lin made the process clear and walked me through each step. When I bought my home she listened to what it was that I was looking for, and only showed me homes that I was interested in. And at the time I had to sell my home, I was living 400 miles away. She took care of details that I would never have been able to handle and marketed my house like it was her own.

Pei Lin's team was also a wonderful asset for a person who was doing all this for the first time. They were always available to answer questions and were very conscientious in assiting me. I never missed a deadline, my paperwork was always complete and they knew every detail of the laws and regulations I had to follow. They helped me with the ins and outs of financing and proved to be a great source of knowledge when assessing the physical characteristics of the homes I looked at. My experience with them was nothing but enjoyable. I highly recommend Pei Lin Huang and her team for anyone buying or selling a home.

M. Maguire

(We) wanted to express our gratitude for the time, effort, and expertise that you and your team put forth to help make our dream of a second home become a reality.

We appreciate the long hours, the weekends and the last minute strategizing on both ends of the sell/buy process.

J. Lee

We were wonderfully served and cared for. Our agent went far beyond the "call of duty".   

P. & S. Jewell

We would especially like to congratulate and thank you and your team for making the house sale a very positive experience. We appreciated your knowledge and the way that your team worked so well together. I always felt that, regardless of who I reached by phone, she or he was "on top of the situation."

It's very clear that you (personally) have wonderful human relations skills that instill confidence in your clients and make a potentially stressful experience a very manageable on. I would be very pleased to recommend you and Pei Lin Team to potential clients.

J. Bowering

Pei Lin Huang has helped me buy two houses and sell one; I am pleased to have the opportunity to point out three things that make working with her a unique experience.

First, Pei Lin is scrupulously honest. She will not break a confidence, underplay or overplay a property to manipulate a buyer, or make promises she cannot keep. She has always kept my best interests in mind and helped me articulate what my needs were. I would trust her with any complicated and difficult ethical issue that might come up in a real estate deal, and they do come up. Buying a house has been my single largest and most risky monetary commitment, and working with Pei Lin has meant that I have been able to spend zero time worrying about the motives and integrity of my realtor.

Secondly, Pei Lin is extremely organized. This means she is on top of the houses as they come on the market, making full use of the technology available. She also keeps tabs on the houses I am looking at, what my financial needs are, how my goals change (for instance, I am starting to look in the country for a house now, and she will not let that fact slip). I could tell you horror stories of realtors who have forgotten their client’s e-mails, ignored the fact that a house is no longer ’active’ (that is, there is an offer pending), or not known where to turn for more information. Pei Lin knows housing inspectors, other real estate agents, financial wizards; she knows everyone in the business and treats them with respect. She is plugged in to the entire scene, keeps on top of changes, returns phone calls, and answers e-mail with alacrity. It’s impressive and very effective when one is looking for a house or trying to sell one.

Finally, Pei Lin knows Syracuse and vicinity. She knows the neighborhoods as they wax and wane in price and knows how to market a house to its full value. I think she is the best real estate agent in the business for the Syracuse University area in particular, but she has helped me find houses as far south as Tully, NY. She works very long hours staying on top of the region’s changing real estate scene.

One last word. Pei Lin is a joy to work with. She makes it clear what integrity, humility and professionalism can (and should) mean in the competitive process of buying and selling houses. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I am sure she is a model for others in her profession and I am absolutely confident that her integrity and hard work will make her a success for years to come.

David Franke, Ph.D., SUNY Cortland

At this time, I would like to express my thanks to you for all of your hard work and assistance. I do not believe that we would have had a successful resolution of any of the various problems, or of the sale itself, if we had not had your participation and understanding.   

J. Sonneborn, Sonneborn Law Offices

You all are an incredibly professional team. You kept me calm and focused. Gave me great advice & recommended great people. Thank you for making the incredible job of selling & buying a house go off without a hitch.   

L. Grande

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